Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

Abbie is a Level 3 Pre and Post Natal exercise instructor.

She offers personal training sessions for women during and after their pregnancy. Being pregnant and becoming a mum shouldn't stop you from keeping yourself (and your baby) fit and healthy.

There are many benefits to training during and after pregnancy: to maintain fitness levels, reduce swelling, promote a faster and easier labour, improve circulation and faster post natal recovery to name but a few. 

Before beginning a pre or post natal exercise programme you will need to get permission from your GP or midwife. Once you have this permission, Abbie will lead you step by step through an exercise programme specifically designed for your pregnancy. 

You will get to train in a private gym environment at Fort Widley with no crowds, additional fees or intimidation you may find in a commercial gym.

Initial Consultation: FREE
1 Hour Session - £40
​4 Sessions - £150 (1 session per week)
8 Sessions - £280 (2 sessions per week)
12 Sessions - £395 (3 sessions per week)